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Metadata is "data about data" or more specifically, it is descriptive information on data and its availability. This broadly defined category of information encompasses a wide range of data characteristics, from descriptive summaries to detailed information of attribute coding schemes. Metadata often includes data processing histories, file format specifications, as well as instructions for obtaining data. The purpose of metadata is to facilitate access and to guarantee appropriate application of data.

The Metadata Index allows users to review spatial data currently held by GeoSmart Niagara and its’ partners. Datasets are obtained from various sources and are compiled to various levels of spatial and attribute accuracy. Accuracy statements are included in the metadata and the user is responsible for determining the suitability of data for use in a particular project.

Metadata Standard

The GeoSmart Niagara Metadata Standard provides a common approach for documenting all types of geographic data. The Standard has been designed to be straightforward, intuitive and complete. For each metadata element, the standard provides a description, domain, field type and status information. The Standard can be selected and viewed below.

Please note that access to and dissemination of spatial data is determined by policy documents associated with the governing agency, and users must ensure that these are followed.